Lotus s 240 ecu

I have got a 240 ecu sat on my shelf at home after having the 260 conversion done. My question is can you get these re-flashed, was looking at the Hangar 111 website and Komo Tec seem to have a re-flash for the Lotus ecu. Is the 260 and 240 ecu’s totally different or is the 260 just a re-flashed 240.

Hi Pete

i’m pretty sure Lotus MS just re-flashed my 240 as part of the 260 upgrade. It still cost �499 though!

They are all basically the same and can be mapped or reflashed if you have the correct kit

I used this :smiley:

Carrying that around Pete, no wonder you’ve been grounded :smiley:

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But thats not what they actually do if you were to buy the 260 upgrade from CNs for instance is it?

When I enquired, Paul told me that they basically have to install a 260 flashed 211 ECU as part of the deal, meaning that I could have walked away with my old 240ECU - of which they have ‘boxes’.

However, for the first lucky few that got there 240 cars upgraded to 260, they did simply reflash the ECU. But then Lotus said No to anymore.

Yep, CN’s offer an unofficial official upgrade, as Lotus won’t mod a non-240PP car that doesn’t have the 240 upgrade parts over the 220S (brakes, roof, etc)