Lotus Roadsports at Croft this weekend

Um, title says it all really. Its a double header - no fixed times on the programme, but expecting races to be about 2.30pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday.

I have one spare ticket for Saturday and 3 for Sunday…


Howdy Mark

Russ & I will be there on Saturday. Russ is taking his missus, & I’m taking Pesky Minor, his mate, & his mate’s dad! Pesky Junior may make an appearance too - depends on how many Stella Artois he consumes on Friday night though

See you & the gang there

I won’t be able to make this one, but I’d like to see them somewhere more local to me such as Donington or Mallory. Does anybody know where I can find a calendar for this series?

Hi Brendan

I believe the dates are as follows:

April 21st Castle Combe
May 4th Mallory Park
May 31st Oulton Park
June 28 & 29th Croft
July 27th Snettertton
August 3rd Donington
August 24th & 25th Snetterton
October 11th Donington

Perhaps see you in August & October @ Donington?

Thanks Pesky, you’re a star!
Yep, it would be nice to meet up at Donington.