Lotus Road Sport Series

two rounds left> 28th Sep at Silverstone and 12 Oct at Donnington. Take a look with a view to race next year, fantastic competition, relatively cheap racing, anyone want tkts email me. [email protected]

How much is the entry fee, and do you need a transponder?Which circuit are you on at Silverstone?Cheers

It is the national circuit, thanks for the offer of the xponder, but the car is kitted out with lots of electronic gadgets. The entrance fee to race is approx �150.00 you will need an MSA race license and be a member of a AMOC. Your car will have to have the usual bits to race.

Wasn’t offering a transponder - just wondered if it was a requirement as 750MC is going this way next year.Its tempting to enter - any idea how much AMOC membership is?(Managed a 1.07.78 there in July)Cheers