Lotus Racing at Snetterton 19th/20th March

Jsut a reminder that the 1st rounds of the Lotus Cup UK and Elise trophy are taking place weekend 19th/20th March at Snetterton on the new 300 circuit

I will be there racing my Exige (if I get it all back together in time)

Am being able support this year by JSRacing along with my team mate Sean Nash who is competing his elise in both the Cup UK and Elise Trophy races

Hope some of you will pop along to see us and wish us luck

Jonny Balboa

Good luck with the racing Jonny, Sean and JSR. :sunglasses:

see you out there no doubt… :slight_smile:

there is an invite class this year you know… :hinthint:

Would love to Gav but I pretty much contravene every single section of the regs!

Well bring the fecker to Anglesey then! :wink:

Why is Snett so sodding far away. You get to that memorial thing and you think you’re nearly there,…but you’re not,…its still bloody miles.

It’s just Norfolken close enough is it…

…I’ll get me coat

Would love to go but getting to snetterton is a PITA

You would have thought when they did all the work on the circuit that they could have moved it a bit closer to civilisation eh…tsk :confused: