Lotus news on Evo

“After a stumbling start to sales (prices for non-air-conditioned demonstrators dipped as low as �24K � list was �32,995), Lotus reckons that the Exige is finally taking off; dealers confirm an increase in deposits for the road-racer, and also report a shortage of cars because demand is so high. Lotus initially over-produced the Exige to keep production workers occupied while waiting for the Elise/VX220 line to click into action, but with that early stock now dried up, Exige production has been re-booted.” http://www.evo.co.uk/news/newsdetail.asp?id=84&page=h

Might explain why I’ve had as many enquiries from dealers as from Joe Public. Shame the best offers have been from non-lotus dealers. Currently looks like I’ll part-ex it for a BMW 330d. Yep a DIESEL =:-OWhilst it’ll be ideal for my current 2k+ miles a month travelling, I’ll be dreaming of ex-touring car/single seater track day car possibilities for next year.If Lotus hadn’t f*cked up big time recently they may have stuck to their original statement “Exige will be built to order only”, so there wouldn’t have been supply outstripping demand in the first place.

Maybe,The two local dealers to me (Peter Smiths and Storm) have about 8 unregistered Exiges

Must be said, my dealer has quite a few in stock.Theory: Given the long delays with the MK2 Elise, the dealers have precious little to fill their showrooms with other than Exiges, which naturally would leave levels low at the factory.Not sure they’re selling like hot cakes mind…

show an Exige working (rev limiter cutting in and spitting flames out of the exhaust)to any Elise owner and see how quickly they want to buy one (ask TT!!!) - the dealers just never demo’d them properly and us Exige owners are doing all the selling by running them side by side.Been on the Tut Towers run this weekend and think there might be another 1 or 2 converted Elise owners…just let them follow you (or attempt to) over a few twisty mountain passes.

Yup, I’ll vouch for that!!!

Can we have a Tut Towers report please !Tut’s a top fella.