Lotus Motorsport 2002

NEWS RELEASEOne Page 9th January 2002Lotus Motorsport Plans for the FutureFor 2002 Lotus Motorsport will be expanding and concentrating on customer support operations for Lotus customers around the world. Lotus Motorsport, a division of Group Lotus, will be manufacturing customer race cars for classes ranging from the recently proposed FIA N-GT class to the “new for 2002” Elise scholarship programme.The proposed changes to the FIA GT rules will make the Elise and Exige eligible to compete in the new N-GT category against its road going competitors in this exciting and emanding class of motorsport. This N-GT Elise would come as a natural evolution of the Lotus Sport Elise, which competed in the Spa 24 Hour and the Vallelunga Six Hour Silver Cup Endurance Race during 2001.The Elise Scholarship will be run to a traditional format. The driver will purchase a unique Lotus Sport version of the Elise from Lotus Motorsport and will then compete in two sprint races, two hillclimbs and two circuit races. The driver will also be put through their ARDS licence and receive tuition from Lotus at its famous 2.25 mile test track, as part of the package. The newly developed Lotus Sport Elise 190 track car will be eligible for the Lotus Roadsport Series and the Intermarque Challenge, both of which will feature in the AMOC race meetings during 2002. This will enable competitors to race twice at each meeting. Both of these races are run in association with Lotus dealers Bell and Covill & Stratton Motor CompanyChris Arnold, General Manager of Lotus Motorsport explains � Many people do not realise that there are already well over 200 Lotus Elise racing in various classes in the UK, mainland Europe and even as far a field as Australia and Japan. The Elise was designed as a race car for the road, and our recent racing activities have allowed Lotus Motorsport to develop additional performance parts. Customers can now benefit from this experience and buy sprint or enduro cars ready to race, or have their current cars updated. The new Elise scholarship will give motorsport enthusiasts an affordable entry level into club racing and a taste of Elise racing in the Lotus Roadsports Series�.Lotus’ comprehensive motorsport facility at Hethel also offers a complete after sales facility comprising of all Lotus Motorsport parts, technical advice and on site vehicle set-up and improvements for not only race cars, but for Lotus owners who wish to have Lotus Sport parts fitted to their road car.Notes:The Lotus Roadsports Series is run in association with Lotus dealers Bell & Colvill and Stratton Motor Company. For more information about this series, please contact Roger Bennington at Stratton Motor Company on +44-(0)1508 530491 or [email protected] further information, please contact:Group Lotus PR Department+44-(0)1953-608264

So DavidHow many of us is Gis-a-Job Ltd going to sponsor in the Elise Scholarship?Please put my name down (in the veteren’s sub-division, of course) [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image]

Well, it’ll be a round number…

There is one of the Scholarship cars on the Yokohama stamd at Autosport International.(BTW David, you can put me in the same division as Pesky whren you do the allocations!)Mike

I filled out a form requesting I be kept uptodate with Motorsport parts available to the public, etc but have heard nothing about this…or in fact any parts!I would have thought that Lotus would have done some positive mailing shots to those people that have actually registered an interest.Every time i try to get any info on parts availability, price etc, i meet a blank wall…anybody had any positive feedback?

Yup, I spoke to David Wilson on [email protected] and got a list of parts and prices a couple of weeks ago. I mailed them to David 'cos I didn’t know how to post them on here.

How about it David…any chance of posting it?