Lotus horn push part number?

Wondering if anyone might know the p/n for the Lotus horn push I’ve fitted in my car. It’s on a Snap-Off kit.

I’ve gotten one of the MOMO Esprit horn pushes (p/n A082H6032H), and while the emblem is identical, the housing is thicker and would go over the wheel. To make matters worse, the Esprit version has only one blade (lead) on the back of the housing.

The one that came with the Snap-Off kit also says MOMO on the back of it and has two blades.

Here’s a photo - both the push housing and boss fit through the center of the wheel, allowing the wheel to be removed from the boss without disturbing the horn.

Is the assembly a Lotus part, as is the case with the Esprit one referenced above? I’d be happy for a p/n for just the emblem if it’s not available as an assembly.

And yes, the kit went in with no trouble although it does appear I may have installed it on the wrong side.



You can see it here.


Thank you, kind sir - may your next track day be traffic free!