Lotus GT

Have just found this article about a mid engined 2+2 GT.
See here.
Lets hope they bring this one into production!! You could have your kids in the back seats on the track!!!

Naaaaaaa - cant have one of them - that would mean I would have to do the shopping!

300 BHP Lotus - err… guys…

What’s new ??


is this a mazda ?

This has all been seen before

After all, Autoexpress is the Daily Sport of the motoring press & best taken with a pinch of salt.

I remember when they pictured someone driving the M250, & that never got past the clay model phase

EVO reckoned (two issues ago?) the next 2+2 would have the engine in the front, & would not exist before the new Esprit

Just my 10 cents.


the M250…never got past the clay model phase

Well that was a blooming huge and impressive clay model I saw at the motorshow! They even took deposits for it (including I believe from several Exiges.comers), although I’m sure they won’t make that mistake again.

I know what you mean though.


The M250 I sat in at Haydons was a mock up, but it was well beyond the clay stage!!

Yes, I had a deposit on one, and when that fell apart I bought…

an Exige (which was launched at Brands Hatch - I was there with my dealer!!)

Possibly, since I gave my dealer an order within two minutes of seeing the launch spectacular, I may have been the first person in the world to have ordered an Exige!!

Was anyone else there?

Anyone beat my claim??

Mike, I was there as well the presentation was in
a special tent and the so called show took about 5 minutes and then you had to leave again
Lotus was really generouse there, eh? you even got a free barbecue thingy
so, we are two now… who was there as well?

I remember that they had two leggy blonds, but the car took my breath away, and they didn’t !!

well said
all they did was standing in the way…

Yep, I too looked a the 'mock up at the motor show, worthwhile I thought having ordered one

The UK sales rep could not be pressed into when a real one would be in development at the factory.

So the full scale jobby was just wood/clay etc. ‘no you can’t sit in’ they said…not suprised though, even the ‘seats’ wobbled.

Glad I didn’t bother with the Brands Exige debut, 360 miles for 5 mins. Nice

…It took me an M250 cancellation plus about two years to get the Exige too.


I too had the pleasure of seeing the M250 at the Motorshow (and placing a �1000 deposit), and then getting to sit in it at the Classic and Sports car show. Made the mistake of trying the “press the pedals and wiggle the steering wheel”(probably mentally making brum brum noises in my head) that you automatically do when you get into a new car. You could tell immediately that they weren’t connected to anything.

I went to Brands for the Exige launch as well. I was blown away. I knew I’d have to have one. I remember also being impressed that day with the M250 which by that time had an opening rear clam which revealed a heavily dressed up engine.

Hiya Guys!

I was there too with a �1K deposit for M250 on the press day, I was told by Guy Munday of Stratton that I was one of three people to put my deposit on the first day.

Then when the M250 got canned, my deposit was directly moved to Exige as I had inside information from a mate working as a software engineer at Lotus at the time.

Hence, I can make a claim that I had a deposit on the Exige even before it was officially announced or launched to the public.

Here is to the sad memory of a M250… let us hope the next GT is better thought out and not under powered as a Lotus.

Something rather special has been witnesed around the test track - a good few months ago - the rear looked a bit like a 360 spider with roof and side looked similar in proportions of a Noble… hard to imagine but rather nice… It sounded amasing also - lots of whistling - seemed exceptionally fast…