Lotus GT coupe

click Autocar to see the latest rumblings on the new Boxster challenger…

I don’t understand, first, it looks like an Exige S2, if you look closely there are curve details that don’t even match the prototype.
Second, �30K Boxster rival? the bloody S2 Exige is already more expensive than that!
So this new one is going to be cheaper? I don’t thin so. If the marketing genuises want to appeal to a more “classy” audience, Surely itwould be more expensive. And then you’d end up with a �40K and heavier Lotus.
And the advantage is?

Sorry but I don’t see myself buying any Lotus at all in the future.
It stopped being the basic car to appeal to the status and luxury-seeking masses.

I want an ever more basic car than the original Elise.
I will go the kit-car, bike engined, 400Kg car route next.

And the MEnACE is on top of the list.


I thoght that too about the pics… looks like an S2 exige in the ‘under-cover’ pics… the other looks like an elise coupe… mmm, i’m confused … but we already have one of those…