Lotus fix for heel n' toe brake travel!!!!!

Just recived the below e-mail from Lotus. Just need to get the dealers to do it!

Dear Mr. Rapley,

Update 2005/02 (part number A120T0327/05/02) to manual A120T0327J included
the following information:


Throttle cable:

  • The pedal is pulled against a rubber buffer on a steel upstop
    bracket by an extension spring.
  • Adjust the cable outer length at the engine end abutment bracket to
    allow 2 - 3mm of pedal movement before the throttle is actuated.
  • Set the downstop in the pedal footpad such that vigorous full
    depression of the pedal achieves full opening of the throttle butterfly
    without allowing the cable to be strained.
  • An alternative pedal position which may be preferred for ‘heel and
    toeing’ may be achieved by replacing the rubber upstop buffer with a M5x15
    hex. head setscrew, with three flat washers beneath the head for a total
    thickness of around 7mm. The cable must then be re-adjusted at the engine
    abutment as above. The footpad downstop bolt should then be replaced by an
    M8x20 setscrew and reset as above.

Brake pedal:

  • The pedal is pulled ‘off’ by an extension spring anchored to a
    bracket rivetted to the scuttle beam.
  • There is normally a gap of approximately 3mm between the brake pedal
    and the pedal box upstop flange with the pedal released. If preferred, the
    brake pedal can be raised slightly by adjusting the effective length of the
    pushrod at its connection to the clevis, but the master cylinder must never
    be preloaded, i.e. there must always be a small clearance between the pedal
    and upstop bracket to ensure that the master cylinder piston is allowed
    fully to return and open the reservoir port.
  • After any adjustment, tighten the clevis locknut and check operation
    of the brake light switch.

I hope this information helps.

Bullied my dealer into phoning Lotus after having my car a month.
They got the above fix and have been enjoying track days ever since

Problem is every time it goes to the garage (which is unfortunately frequent) the mechanic brings the car around with a bloody nose. He then comments on how good the brakes are.

My car is going in to the dealers on the 16th Sep for the new Lotus brake mod.

I’ll keep you all informed.

I had my brake pedal adjusted at Nick Whale’s on Saturday. It’s made a huge difference. There’s still more travel on the pedal than would be ideal, but it’s really not bad. Compared to my old S1 Exige, I much prefer the new setup for road use.

Compared to my old S1 Exige, I much prefer the new setup for road use.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, keep trying to justify it.

Did you have to pay for the mod or was it done under warranty?

Mines going in on Tuesday

Mine is going in on Friday…no cost…I hope!!!

Mines going in on Tuesday

at B&C ? how much ?

about �40 I think

Had mine done yesterday at LRV along with the ‘A’ service. The brake mod cost just under �40 to sort and I was assured it was not a warrenty no charge item. It does now allow heel and toe’ing, I just need to learn how to! The brake pedal feels a little better but maybe something was done on the service as there is a charge for brake fluid on it.

Mine done today…At Wilson’s free of charge.
A lot better now. Could heel 'n toe with steel toe-cap DM’s on the way back from dealer!!