Lotus facrory visit - Sunday 23rd Sept - Interested?

I have been speaking to James at Lotus as I was keen to see if I could combine my visit to Rockingham with a tour of the Lotus factory (to see my car being built) while I was north of Watford.The time arranged is Sunday 23th Sept at 10:30am for about 90 minutes.He’d like to get the numbers up (currently 4), especially the number of Lotus owners.Is anybody interested?Cheers, Ianps. Please post this on any other relavant sites that it may be of interest to.

Hi Ian,I may be able to join you in Hethel on Sunday 23rd, on my way to Donington Park for the bookatrack event on Monday. Can I confirm later in the week? Cheers - Roland(Exige 190)

Good man Roland! Would it be on your own?Keep them coming. I want to see my car being built!

Sorry Roland, its off. There’s not enough interest this time. I’ll try again in the future.Cheers, Ian

Shame, I was really looking forward to that. Ah well, better luck next time.Thanks for trying!

Ian,Bran, Pip and I went to see the factory last Tuesday. The highest no. I could spot was 604. there were quite a few white ones standing around. most interesting was the Motorsport Elise part. they have really done some interesting things for getting vital parts cooled. it seems that they learnt their lesson. You should go there quick if you still want to see one of the Exige beeing built…cheers,Bruno