Lotus Exige Wanted in Chrome Orange by newbie.

Hello All,
I went to my local Lotus Dealer to looat at a Ferrari and saw a Chrome Orange S2 Exige and fell in love with it.
Unfortunately I dont have the �30,000 asking price, so if anyone know where theres a Chrome Orange S1 or early S2 id be grateful for the info.
Many Thanks. [color:“orange”] [/color] [color:“orange”] [/color]

How much was the Ferrari you went to look at ?

How much was the Ferrari you went to look at ?

�21,995…it was a 308 GTS!

Welcome Bertie, yes I know where there is an S2, right outside my door, yippee!!

Sorry not much help, but go for the Exige over anything else (S1 or S2), you won’t regret it…

great choice of car dont go for common orange go for a rare black

just waiting for the orange boys to bite

Found a yellow S1 Exige for sale by main dealer.

It looks great but its got a blue alcantara interior…blue with a yellow exterior…yuk!

us orange chaps are far too sophisticated (and rougishly handsome) to respond to such potty-mouthed brainfarts

from scotland… boxing gloves… sh*t glad you took it as a joke!


my Yellow S2 Exige could be up for sale soon as moving house. It has black alcantara, far better than blue.

Don’t even know my own car…Yellow S1 not S2…

Hi Andy

I might be interested in your car. Can you send me details.



Hi Bryn, you have a private message.

Hi Andy

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