Lotus Exige S2 wiring harness - here is what you could have

This gent makes the harness creation look quite simple.

Lotus Exige Wiring Harness Build: Expert Treatment for an Endurance Racer | Top Gear Handcrafted - YouTube

I suspect its a lot, lot harder than he makes it look mind!

Would love to have a new loom on mine and build one from scratch

Love that video. I love nice tidy motorsports grade wiring, but whenever I pick up a set of crimps and connectors it takes me about 12 mins to get frustrated, and end up forcing something or compromising on the nice sleek layout/design I had in my head.

Watching somebody properly plan out and execute a concentric twisted bundle of 40+ wires, all nicely terminated under boots with proper strain relief is really a sight to behold.

Realistically it needs such a broad array of (expensive) tools, connectors and materials that to do it as a one-off job DIY would really need to be a labour of love. You’d be far better off paying the pro’s to do it, even though that would be far from cheap in itself!

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I agree. I understand wiring and electrickery quite well. I also have watched loads of videos on looms and understanding the fact that there are loom specialists just like turbo rebuild specialists tells me it’s a dedicated job. Perhaps not overly complicated but it needs methodical planning and execution with all the right kit.

Would still love to do one though!