**Lotus Exige S1 Wanted**

Lotus Exige S1 Wanted

Private buyer
No colour preference
Reasonably standard or with subtle upgrades
Original engine, no engine conversions etc.
Anything concidered from mint to light project
Excellent budget for right car
Genuine buyer and can offer quick hassle free sale

Pm me if you are concidering selling or if you know of any for sale

Many Thanks

A black S1 has just been listed on seloc :+1:

And on Facebook. 55k miles.

…and already has a deposit.

Blimey that was quick!! :open_mouth:

Not too many of these plastic lunchboxes left!

I’d really like to have one myself but it’s a bit early for me unfortunately :frowning:

Without getting into a pricing conv. I thought the black one was “cheap” all considered. But pleased for seller and hope new owner enjoys it :+1:

I also thought it was a very good price compared to recent sales. Hope seller and buyer are happy too.

What was it priced at?

Offers around 40k I think

Thanks :thumbup:

Thanks for the heads up on the car. I ended up buying it and collected it yesterday.
I wasn’t expecting to find one so soon, just 3 days after putting my wanted add up!
It is a nice genuine honest car, the owner was a nice chap and he had owned it for 10yrs but hardly used it in that time and 1 previous owner before him.
We done a deal what we were both happy with and I am proud to be the owner of 059 in Phantom black.
Will do an introduction in another thread :+1:

Good work, I’ll take my commission in the form of porridge :ok_hand::smile:

Awesome stuff well done look forward to hearing more :+1:

Great news! Keep posting

Just posted an introductions about the car :thumbup: