Lotus Esthi 2.7 (380 HP !!!!!)

Sorry, it’s in german, but … http://www.autobild.de/suche/artikel.php?artikel_id=1962&artikel_seite=0&A_SESS=535af996cf4a14eacce252523594eda1 Have a nice weekend!Thomas

This car looks awesome. [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/cool.gif[/image] Any chance of a translation of the article, anybody???

I ran the first page through Altavista translator - I didn’t bother with the other pages…380 HP in a Elise - rarely power and performance harmonieren better. The concept convinced even Lotus: Esthi initiator Dschuedow is now the first official Lotus lotus-Tuner. Craze after more strength loved enemy doing he aristocracy from cathedral technical dataLotus Elise drivers are to be regretted really. It jammern. And always for the same reason. No, not because of the chassis. That consists of a super+rigid aluminum tub. Finally one needs nine tons weight at the points of the diagonals, in order the construction around a degree - values as with the BMW M5. and that has nevertheless a stabilizing roof - the Elise is upward open wonderful. Thus, about what meckern it then? Also not over the chassis: Independent suspension naturally, double wishbones in front, crosswise and diagonal steering wheels in the back. Worked satisfactorily running technology with stabilizers. Not over the steering element - those is so ingeniously direct that all curves would have to be still many closer. Not over weight. Completely in the sense of the lightweight construction pioneer and plumb bob US founder Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman the basis Elise weighs ridiculous 790 Kilos. What thus is it, Elise drivers misses? Completely simply: Strength. Power, HP, muscles. The hammer in the neck. Also Lotus knows. And the civilian power variant offers since short: 158 instead of so far usual 122 HP. But, under us: Does that make really full? Scene change. Somewhere on roads of second and third order in the cathedral country. Rainer Dschuedow, new vehicle dealer of English and Italian cars with cathedral, asks us to the ride on the cannon ball: Young remote travel in the Lotus Esthi < 2.7. The complete car - chassis plus body - drove to date still no meter on the road. By the way: Lotus which?

Thanks Matt, that makes perfect sense.I do miss the hammer in the neck…

I have spoken to one of the top Audi tuners in this country about this and he is quite intrigued by the engine transplant. He was going to see if he could find out more information on this. If he does I will let you know. He also thought that the engine plus ancillaries would weigh approx 250kg - about 100kg heavier than the K Series and by the looks of things the gearbox is at the back of the car. What effect would this have on the handling?BTW if 380 bhp sounds like fun then I would like to see the engine from this guy’s project Audi TT in an Exige. Anyone like to guess the power output?Mike