Lotus Emeya . .

Well, what do we think?
Never been much discussion here on Lotus new range.

This just does not float my boat.

It doesn’t help that I am not in the market for this kind of vehicle either.

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Agreed. Doesn’t look as good as the Taycan. I do like the slogan, though

I think Lotus has a lot of work to do regarding image. Lotus to me meant Elise/Exige. The very definition of less is more and lightweight sportscars.

If I were to be in the market for spending £60k+ on a sports car I would most likely be looking at a Porsche, same with the £80k+ electric family sports car like a Taycan. Personally I think the Taycan is a fantastic looking machine.

Lotus - lightweight sports cars.

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I was in London this week and went into the Piccadilly showroom. The Eletra suv is the size of a bungalow, but the interior was lovely. With no exhaust sound I am out.

4 months in with my Emira and all good although a decat is planned to get more noise.

My Exige is the one I pick when I want a blast.

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Isn’t it just a polestar in drag?

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I often wonder* what the Lotus crowd thought when the cars started adding weight over the years (Esprit went from sub 1000kg to over 1300kg for instance).

*I shall wonder no more at some point as I’ll ask those who were around at the time in the near future.

TBH, my attitude is “it’s not for me, move along”. I just hope Lotus do well but then I thought that when Bahar joined :rofl:

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If I want powerful electric, Pork Taycan all the way. However, these new models need to do well in order for Lotus to succeed. IF they do succeed then hopefully the fun light stuff will come back.