Lotus Elise Sport 190 Race Car

I’ve decided to put my Elise race / Tarmac rally car up for sale. Full details are on pistonheads.

The build details are also available on the ‘project’ forum. The car is MSA logbooked and fully road legal so it can be used for rally, race, trackdays or plenty of fun on B roads.

Looks like a well sorted bit of kit � you have any plans to move onto something else?


Good luck with the sale Wes.

I’ve decided to whimp out of rear wheel drive and go back to my roots in front wheel drive rallying. I’ll probably go for a super 1400 car. The Elise is fantastic fun and a real crowd pleaser but I just know I’d be pedalling harder in a FWD, especially in the wet. It will be sad to see it go.