lotus elise......exgie kit and honda conversion.

hi, i have a V plate elise. 30,000 miles it has the following upgrades.

Exige motorsport bodykit.
origional exige engine cover aswell as motorsport.
bulk head conversion giving more room inside the engine bay.
Honda k20 engine conversion, engine used (42,000) omex ecu with 3rd generation map, de cat and scilenced de cat supplied.
elise parts back box
blitz airfilter mounted at end of alloy pipe close to side intake.
baffled sump. solid engine mounts.
brand new nitrons with ebachi springs. polly bushes, upgraded anti roll bar and bushes. new cv joints all round, sand blasted and powdercoated wishbones. wheels spaced using alloy spacers and of course longer studs. team dynamic wheels, 17 rear 16 front. elise parts lowering brackets used for shocks. alloy radiator, Hid bulb (modulators) elise parts upgrade newly trimmed (elise) seats. carbon side scoops, few nice bits to inside. Good stereo fitted.
brakes…new disks on rear and fronts are elise parts ally belled which are brand new �300!! and new padgid pads �140

car needs a 4 wheel alignment and the damping adjusted otherwise mint.

the car is cat d. please please read on…i have a huge portfolio of the damage and work carried out to 100% fix the car. for anyone who know these car you will apreciate the following as a 100% repair. …The front clam suffered damage, new exige kit fitted. the rear near side wishbone had pulled from the rear sub frame. i replace the sub frame as it is NOT bonded to the chassis, it is bolted. i replaced all the bushes and wishbones and wheels to ensure the car was perfect which it now is.
Yes it is a cat d but only because of the rear subframe issue…if your not sure do some research or as on here as most of us know its a quick fix cause its only bolted on.

any one interested pleas call me, i can arrange a disk with all the pics and alot of writing etc… andy. 07746132530
offers please

Saw Andy’s car on the road the other day. Certainly looked good on the move, but was perhaps a tad noisey for trackdays!

lol…hi mate. yeah just a bit.

quite shocked actually, been up for sale for 4 hours or so and had 6 emails and im on my 2nd caller.

im gutted to sell but im skint


Shame after all that work

just spoke to mr halifax.

its not for sale any more

i can keep it a bit longer…woohoo!!!

Cool I’m glad to hear