Lotus Driver Training!

I received an email today from Lotus Cars asking if I fancied doing a Lotus Driver Training day!

Its a whopping �449 per day, plus my fuel down to Hethel and at least one overnight, if not 2…and a day off work!

Has anyone attended one of these official LDT days and is it worth �449?

Mates done it said it was good. When he had done it they tried to sell him the advanced day
Think you can get similar training for less but in your own car.

Just go on a Walshy day.


Not sure if one of them, or both, count towards a discount offered by some insurance companies for driver training. Savings in your annual premium can go some way to justifying the costs.

If the Lotus one is the one I looked at a few years ago, there is a high degree of one to one instruction, which explains what is a relatively high cost.

I did one of those Ex-Police instruction courses including road, airfield and skidpan. You get evaluated during the time with the instructor. This can work toward cheap insurance.
I did it with Ride and Drive
Really depends on your goals. I came out being a fast safe driver on the roads. They work on the principle of fast, safe progress.
He had some great war stories from being a copa

Has anyone attended one of these official LDT days and is it worth �449?

I went back in 2000 when I was toying with the idea of an Elise, at the time I thought is was a fantastic day and thinking back I still do. It is pricey yes but at the time I had no experience of track driving and no car suitable to take out on track days so it killed two birds with one stone so to speak. It gave me chance to drive an Elise quickly, least I think I did, also to drive on track. I wrote a report on the day not long after I did it, see my report link. I didn’t go back on the next course as I intended too but had a memorable time on the first one.
Lotus Driver Training Day

Must say I’ve been thinking about doing it this year…went on a ‘Scare Yourself Sensible’ day and really enjoyed driving around the test track. Yes it’s exspensive but you only live once.