Lotus Dealerships and Recommended places

Just thought it might be useful to build up a list of places to
a) buy new and used Lotus, Official and Not
b) recommended places that people have their car serviced
c) any places that are worth a visit

I had a quick search on the forum but didn’t find anything, apologies if this has been done before.

www.LakesideEngineering.com - Surrey

Not offical dealers (nor sell cars) but really know Lotus’ and much better value.


ps. Bell & Covill are also in Surrey, one of the biggest UK dealers. I think their engineering expertise is excellent but they could improve their prices and customer service.

I’m with IDG … Lakeside Engineering

Awful website but they certainly know the cars. Having just had their invoice through, very reasonably priced.

That’s where my baby is at the moment having her engine rebuild…

Ive always used Christopher Neil’s for any parts Ive needed.
They always seem to have original parts at less than the dealers so good news as far as Im concerned.

Ive also just had my rear wheels refurbished at Wicked Wheels.
They usually operate a mobile service by repairing/painting them in the back of their specially kitted vans but because the Exige wheels are powder coated they had to take them away and brought them back the following day.

It was the Midlands chap Fil Cataldo who sorted mine out and theyve done a superb job.

Robbo what did it cost?

Are Lotus purging their dealerships at the mo?? - or are their dealers purging themselves of Lotus - notice that SGT and HR Owen (aka London Lotus Centre), and not so far back Kings of Warwick, are no longer Lotus dealers…


�110 for the rear pair. They completely strip them by sand blasting, repair any damage and then re powder coat them matt black.
The finish matches the fronts perfectly but the rears do look finished off better.

I had my elise wheels refurbished at another local wheel place which cost me �140 for all 4 but the finish was no where near as good as these.

Kings Lotus had their Lotus franchise removed, and deservidly so.

I always use Nick Whale in Birmingham now, absolutly brilliant service, a breath of fresh air after Kings.

Anything to do with Frank Sytner (Kings) is ahem… - Nick Whale top hole dealer…

Cheers Robbo - i’ve just aquired a couple more rear wheels and one of them is very definitely in need of some tlc…will check out the local dealer…

I have only had limited experience of Nick Whale, but when my car went into them for suspension rebuild, it was carted off to their “body shop” which was a completely different company. 14 weeks in, and I had to chase Lotus for parts and try and source parts from elsewhere to get the work finished. Don’t want to judge them just yet, but inital impressions have been poor.

I know this contradicts other peoples views of them, but maybe I expect too much !