Lotus Celebration @ Brands 23/24 March

Paul Golding has kindly made this offer:

[color:“blue”]Exiges attending Lotus Celebration?

Looking at parking plans and last year we had an area just for Exiges, as we did esprits, caterhams etc… the esprits and caterham areas are looking good…

Are there any of you with exiges who would like an exige only area or do you just want to park with everyone else?


I suggest that you add your names to this thread, if you want a seperate parking area.

[color:“blue”]As I’m not going to Brands myself, it’s up to you guys to liaise with Paul, if you want a seperate parking area.[/color]

Hi Newish owner here. I’m coming to brands and would be interested in an exiges parking area.


We shall be there for both days and staying over at the Thistle.

Yep aiming to be there - add me to the car park list - ta

Me too.

I suggest we add our names here as well.

Just to make sure.

Hoping to be there on the Sunday and would be interested in Exiges parking again.

Me too.

Added. See y’all there!

Just booked for the Sunday.

The Seloc entrance opens at 8am, we are planning at getting there about 9-9.30ish.

You can’t miss us

So where are we parking. With the SELOC crowd or behind the grandstand at paddock hill where we were last year? Anyone know for sure? The map here shows our logo at paddock hill. Do we use the main entrance or the SELOC entrance?

All questions no answers

From our friends over at LoT

yes guys enter via the main gate and you will receive directions…

i’m thinking of putting either the caterhams or exiges in the GP paddock at the moment but you’ll get directions from the front entrance…

so, there you have it.

Can I get a ticket on the gate? then get to the Exiges parking area? I want to go but wasn’t sure if I would have got my car back by Sunday

Link here from SELOC for those who wish to meet up enroute from Essex.

7.30am at Boreham (Chelmsford)

Cool thanks for the link, I am going to meet at the Lakeside services for 08.15 if i can make it.