Lotus build quality !!!

Just been for a blast in the Exige, as it’s a nice evening up hear in the frozen tundra, when for no apparent reason the front offside indicator assembly decided to part company with the bodywork slightly damaging the bonnet and the door mirror in the process before smashing into a million, maybe more, pieces. Damn things only just had it’s 1000ml service and this happens. What next?

What next?

Well lets see,
It will start to leak,
The floor will corrode,
The brake disc’s will warp,
The battery goes flat after two weeks,
It will refuse to start, this for a page full of different reasons

The joys of Exige ownership I’m afraid.

I’m sure indicators falling out was a problem many early S2 Elise’s sufferd from, so should be coverd under warranty.


Well known issue on the early S2’s which seems to be a problem on the most recent cars as well.

Give NW a call, they will know all about it.

I know it can/will be sorted, it’s just I know it’s gonna be at LEAST another day off work (already down to 3 days leave left until April 1st) plus the fuel plus a 220 mile round trip. No offside indicator and the M6 may not mix too well either. It was bad enough having to go down again when they could not complete the harness fitment on the first service and would not budge re a discount on the service for the incovenience of having to return and I had to put fuel in the loan car
Don’t get me wrong I am not unhappy with the sales side of things at NW, John Willis did me a FANTASTIC deal on the PX and total package and is the best (not sure if thats the right word) car salesman I have ever had dealings with in 26 years of car ownership and have no hesitation in recommending them for a purchase.

. What next?

the roof will come off

the roof will come off

As in Mr Bond’s Aston Martin DB5? Well hopefully it won’t damage the car like the indicator assembly did.
Gutted in Horwich.


i’m sorry to hear this and i’d be gutted a swell… its bad enough losing the indicator but a new one can be bought even if the cost pi55e5 you off, however if i has also damaged the bodywork then that’s something that i’d be well hacked off by… i hope you get it sorted otoh is it really any worse than some big stone chips ?

how about you try a claim on warranty ?? what colour is your car ? sounds to me like something Lotus should help you put right on a new car…

It’s caught the front clamshell (sorry I said bonnet earlier, yet to learn the Lotus speak) in 3 places as it ran up the clamshell before catching the door mirror. Just been into the garage again to have yet another look and I think it may more or less polish out. Will give it a try tomorrow, what with the stone chips that are appearing on the car along the sides, strangely enough not on the front end, if i can get it looking ok ish then I’ll leave it at that for the sake of avoiding further journeys.
I need to investigate myself the fixings as the nearside indicator assembly seal appears to lifting at the top and I don’t want that to depart in the same way
I’ve had problems with cars I’ve had in the past but when you get the car of your dreams (sorry I was too young for an S1 ) this minor setback feels worse than owt else I’ve experienced.


Why don’t you eat a bit of humble pie and let LRV do the warranty work? It would be easier on your time and mileage, and they are qualified to do it. If you want me to have a word let me know.

That would be very much appreciated if you could, I have rung Ribble Valley so they do know about it. First question was did I buy the car from them. So suppose I am bottom of the queue. Nick Whale’s say they are waiting for 6 modified one’s from Lotus. Ian at NW thought he could source one from the assembly people as mine no longer exists.
Waiting for LRV to come back to me at the moment.
Cheers Russ

LRV have returned my call and they have an indicator assembly in stock and a prepared to do the warranty work. Car going Monday to be sorted.
Russ, thanks if you made the call.

NW said they had 6 on back order awaiting a modified? unit from Lotus.

As for the marks on the clamshell and door mirror, they have ‘just’ about polished out with liberal use of Meguirs excellent products.