Lotus 4 pot front brake conversion

Hi Guys,

Has anyone got any experiance of the AP 4 pot brake conversion that lotus do. What size disks does it use. How much does it cost and how do the brakes feel afterwards etc etc etc.

Have had my exige 9 days and already Geary and Ian are very familiar with my switch card number. I really do have a disease, every car I have, I have to mod it


Jason should be along soon…

in the meantime search this site…

While we’re waiting for Jason…the last thinking I heard was to install 4-pots on the front (relatively easy) and switch the front calipers to the back. But then there’s no handbrake, so somebody was looking at a mini caliper just for that.

What’s wrong with your current set-up? There are some simpler cheaper fixes first.

  1. Pads. If you are running on std you don’t know what braking is yet! My choice is Pagids RS14s. V.expensive and squeal (to start with), but they last well, work from cold, and REALLY stop!

  2. Braided brake lines, if you haven’t done them already. Make sure you upgrade the fluid too. SRF is expensive but the best. Somebody will probably recommend a cheaper alternative that works for them even on track (guys?).

  3. How thick are your disks? This makes a big difference on pedal firmness. The Eliseparts disks are thinner than the std ones and won’t help with that.

  4. There’s the 295mm upgrade, which can be used with 4-pots later too. Either grovel to MutsNuts, or get a set of ali hubs (off Jason in South Africa, or somebody else) [Jason it’s still my plan I’ll get round to it, how you finding yours?] and order AP disks in the UK to fit (do a site search on ‘295’ and you’ll find the thread).

  5. Somebody else please comment on the cylinder thingy.

Ian stops himself, we are talking about an S1 here aren’t we??


Cheers Guys.

Yes Ian it is a S1 Exige


yes I have braided hoses already

Yes I love SRF and am gonna switch. by the way if anyone has trouble getting it, my company stocks it and we sell it at �20 per litre

I have the pagid RS14’s on order

I have also ordered the Eliseparts disks and ally bells, but it does say “including buffer pads” on the order so i guess they compensate for the thiner disks???

It was just a general question really. I am going to see how I get on with the setup I have oredered and go from there. If I don’t have to do it then i wont.

Am still getting into this whole light weight thing!! Rather than in my cossie days of just turning the boost up and having more power. LOL.

Mmmm, that’s a good price for the SRF!

Forgot to mention, if you do fit 295mm disks you need about 4mm of spacers between the hub and caliper.


Hi Guy’s, just on the net to do some banking then have to run out will post alll relevant details for you guys later, it’s not as easy as switching to four pots calipers, new holes, lines etc.

gottan run will detail this evening

Who’s Transit van was it ?

LOL, it was my transit van. I had been out with a mate picking up a few bits and bobs before going over to pick the Exige up. SO in that pick I h owned the car for about 10 minutes.


Ok back from a day of family get together and friends birthday party.

SeanB, as IDG has said there are a number of options out there, if you have ordered Geary’s discs and bells then you already 25% of the way there. You can keep the std front calipers and use those discs with the pagid pads that are coming, some washers to space caliper is all that will be needed. This to me would be step 1 before even considering 4 pots because Paigids vs std brembos is gonna blow your mind, plus you will have bigger discs to so even better.

Problem with 4 pots is that they require amongst other things the following :

  1. drill new holes in hubs (offset of caliper different)
  2. replace master cylinder to compensate for extra volume
  3. replace all front brake lines to fit into new master cyliner.
  4. fit brake bias valve ( yes it is a must i think) and all plumbing to that.
  5. get remote reservoir for clutch as new master cylinder does not have outlet.

The big question, is it all worth it, OH YES, but remember and before Uldis and i get into another heated debate , just kidding Uldis, the 4 pots offer more consistency not that much more braking force, i fitted them for endurance racing and still need to do some more work on the bias valve adjustment as it is all to easy to lock the front now, but its set for slicks. so for the track they are superb.

Personally i would not have done it for road use as the 2 pots with good pads are so good that you would not get the benefit of 4 pots on the road, but i race the car so it has helped alot and was worth the 2 weeks of heartache and choice words.

They look superb and feel is far far superior, and i must stress, only with new master cylinder

Cost for me and this was sourcing discs locally, i would get the AP discs not lotus sport items as they last longer, was roughly, very roughly will have to haul out invoices plus i had to pay import duty so it’s more than for you, 1500 pounds. thats fluids and new pads and plumbing included.

If you do a search on motorsport brakeupgrade i am sure i detailed the process in tht post, which will help you.

Hope this helps

Thanks Jason, excellent reply!!!

I will give the disks from Elisparts a go along with the pads and a fluid change and see how I get on.


Worth keping an eye on the Elise page on Hi-Spec’s website. At the Autosport show they said they will have some interesting upgrades for Elise brakes coming up soon. Mind you they said that last year too but at least this time they had some prototypes on display.


I have quite a bit of experiance with HiSpec callipers and without getting into a slagging match, I will be using AP callipers.


I was going to say I had some experience with Hi Spec disks and would not buy them again!

Go figure…