Lotus 190 Upgrade parts for sale

Following my DVA engine rebuild (and subsequent sale of my Exige), I have the following Lotus 190BHP parts for sale:

190 BHP Cams
Cam pulleys with offset key for 190 cam conversion

For sale as a job lot or as parts - please email me for more details

Is this the lotus ecu?? or are we talking emerald…??

Hi niceguy

All the parts are Lotus parts, not Emerald or similar

This is exactly why they are available, they were removed from my engine when I had a Dave Andrews 200HP conversion with Emerald a couple of years ago



What price are we talking please, do cams have peg for rotar arm type thanks

Hi Peter

No I don’t think the cams have a peg for a Rotor arm as they were designed for the VHPD engine - but someone else on here may have better knowledge

I am looking for realistic offers as I really don’t know what they are worth - I know that Lotus sold the 190 upgrade for circa �1000 when new, but also know that secondhand they are worth less than half that