lotus 190 ecu

can these be remapped and does anyone know anyone in southesat who can do it
cheers mike

I do not believe Lotus’ own 190 ECU can be remapped in any conventional manner. Emerald is the way to go for remapping the K.


cheers for the reply who the best to get this from and rough price

This is where you will hear Dave “Der Emerald Meister” Walkers name mentioned quite a bit, problem is, when I tried Dave for my Emerald, he couldn’t do it for around 2 month’s. If time isn’t a problem then thats the way to go. I had Hanger 111 do the work for me and they did a great job. My car has never ran so well, but there are some people on this site who know the problems I had earlier this year with the Lotus ecu’s.
Like Dave, Marrianne and Greg at 111, are just the sort of people that you want your pride and joy to be worked on by.
There is also the “Edwards boys”, but again, I know how busy they can be.
I think if you budget around �1000 for the unit, fitting and mapping you won’t be too far wrong.
Maybe a bit more if you go for the Vernier Pulleys.
Good Luck

Or better still, fit the emerald yourself and get someone like Dave Andrews to fit and time the Vernier pullies and you’ll not need it mapped (unless you have done some other mods)…

…Fitting it yourself isn’t too tricky at all TBH.

I have a standrad Emerald map for the Exige and 340R, fitting the ECU is fiddly because the ECU has to be hardwired, I do a kit for the Exige/340R, an Emerald ECU and a pair of verniers which improves the flexibility, removes driveline shunt, improves torque in the mid range substantially and lifts the HP to 190ish. There should be no problems with availability of Emerald ECUs, I am an agent and have no supply problems.


No good if you want to keep aircon though

cheers for replys
dave where are you based please
what up with aircon and this ecu are they linked like they are on evos etc

Yep - ECU controls Idle speed and such when air con is activated.

You could just ditch the air con …

yeah could but never thought id say this as have taken it out evo3 i have but today down coast for blast got quite sticky in cabin aircon on phew

Congrats, your Air Con works!


I’m in Milton Keynes…


There is no problem with Aircon and the Emerald ECU, there used to be, but there is no longer. The idle speed control has always been there , the problem was with the aircon request line being ignored, it is now serviced correctly and the aircon functions as normal. So far 5 Exiges have been converted with the fix, all are working normally.


Normally, as in the Air Con is still crap?

Good to know though, thanks.