Lots of Question from a New 111S Owner, Help please

Hi FolksI have just traded in my Caterham Superlight for a new Mk2 Lotus Elise 111s 160bhp car, which I collect from Nick Whale Sports cars in Birmingham tomorrow. (Friday 2 Aug)…So I would just like to say hello to everyone here and ask a number of questions.I have only 5 days in which to run the car in and have it serviced before I go touring in Spain, which should not be a problem.My questions are as follows:1) Are there any know problems with the Mk2 Elise 111S I should be aware of ?2) Are there any spares parts that I should consider taking that are bespoked to the Elise that a Rover dealer won’t have or people have found have a tendency to fail?3) Will the Mk2 Elise 111S handle better weather than we get here without any problems? Anyone have any experiance of traveling in very hot countries?4) I know quite a few Elise have been touring in Spain in groups, Is there any advice they could pass on to me? I will be with a bunch of other cars?5) As there is no Spare wheel and the car has got the new wheels and they are fitted with the Bridgestone tyres are they going to be easy to locate if I get a puncture?6) I plan to take some tyre weld, should question 5 arise, but has anyone got any suggestion on how to find out where Bridgestone suppliers are in Spain. I tried Bridgestone in the UK to see if they could find out without any joy?7) I have heard of the official Lotus club run by Lotus, Is it worth being a member???7b) Do they have area meetings? If so I live in the West Midlands and is there any meetings held by people in that area??8) Are there any other clubs that are active that is worth being a member of for Elise enthusiasts???9) Do any of the guys on the BB Meet up is the West Midlands??10) Any other advice people can suggest to help me enjoy my new car to the maximum? (Other than just driving it).11) How do people on the BB find Nick Whale Sports Cars as a Dealer? They have been very helpful so far…Your help is must appreciated…Snapper…

Make sure you’ve got European AA cover and enjoy your holiday! It may even come with the car. I guess a mobile phone that works in Europe could also prove advantageous.Lotus Life, the official Lotus club, is worth joining for the BB and discounts some insurers offer (eg. Esteem).Check the BBs for meets.“Any other advice people can suggest to help me enjoy my new car to the maximum?” - put it on a track, and soon! Getting the odd lesson may help even more.Ian [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]

I have had the Mk2 111s for a little over a month now (used as a daily commute)and must say I am very pleased with it with no real issues.As regards the car in the heat. I was stuck in a traffic jam for over an hour in that very hot spell we had and totally behaved itself.Enjoy