LOT Races Silverstone - Don't Miss!

Sean’s first LOT win, in an epic battle with Randy & Walshy. Plenty of great action from some of the regulars from here too!

On Motors TV this weekend:

Fri. 12th 19:00
Sat. 13th 3:20
Sun. 14th 0:00
Sun. 14th 7:00
Sun. 14th 15:00

BUT… will it also feature the ‘Mexican Wave’!!

BUT… will it also feature the ‘Mexican Wave’!!

I didn’t even want to think about that - just imagine the raised eyebrows (& quivering crevats) at the VSCC, if they realise what the gaffer was up to

Sorry, been away for a few days (Tenerife for my Godson’s wedding) - found a fabulous long, closed public road, hill climb while we were there;
see HERE for some detail

Back on topic… It’s amazing how effective a five man Mexican wave can be - let’s hope the cmaeraman was a switched on goodie…