LoT Goodwood 3/12/16

I’m heading down to Goodwood in December, never driven there before but hoping for a crisp winter’s day. I’ll be in the yellow S2 Exige so hopefully see some others there. :smiley:

Cracking track.
May need to shortshift the 3 static noise meters

Thanks for the tip. Had to pick up a “dB killer” at Brands a few weeks back, so I’ll have that as my last resort.

Spot the green boxes on the sighting laps. On the left after Madgwick as you change from 4th to 5th. On the left coming up out the dip after St Marys, on the Right immediately after the chicane

Wow, easiest on-track microphones to spot that I’ve ever encountered, thanks for the tips.

We had a great, crisp winter’s day out, I had to short-shift for the noise meter after Madgwick, but the rest were fine. What a track! It looks so simple from the layout but I found it to be super-technical once I started to find my way around. The small undulations have quite an effect, unsighting apexes etc, and it’s really fast, and a bit bumpy in a few spots. Imagine it before they put the chicane in… crazy! Great final TD of 2016, and the Exige was faultless, and left with plenty of tread left and plenty of brake pads. Hopefully see plenty of you all on track next year.