Has your car got it’s full compliment of Horses ?

I thought mine had until a trip to a dyno shootout revealed otherwise !!
(The dyno shhotout was fully independant to where i had the work done and both figures were within 1% of each other)

Car has been at the EMERALD mappers JMD Dyno’s up here in the North (Cumbria)all week. The live Map info confirmed that the car has only ever had a base map in her. It was only running 195 BHP(flywheel) and 160 ft/ib torque. The BASE MAP conclusion was also confirmed by TT when i spoke to them. We have changed the two extra injectors for a set of rover 600’s from a scrappy at �5 each and have now reduced the cycle down to 70%. It has been correctly mapped and is now giving a staggering 229BHP and an amazing 214 ft/ib torque. It is a different car, now it is blisteringly fast but the strange thing is that peak power is at 5,800 RPM anything over that and it is starting to fall again. The torque is the same story peak is at 5,300 RPM, we tried different ignition settings but only lost power. I have since come up with a theory the piper 270 cams have been timed in wrong, this would explain the lower RPM peak power and the overly high torque figure at the wrong place in the rev range. I spoke to TT again and they said that at that time of that build they were experimenting with cam timings and that this was probably the cause. A project for later this year will be to time the cams in live on the dyno !! Who knows maybe a staggering power figure to come!! I know i will loose the torque which I can put up with if it pulls stronger up the rev range.

So it is like being handed the keys to a different car, smoother, faster and sweeter. i fitted one of the 340R designed Viper Evo 2’s at the same time and this has helped the overall package.

A big thanks to Jonathon at JMD for a No Bull Sh*t service with wallet friendly Awesome results. He was that dedicated to the cause that he was still working at 10pm at night.

are you sure they used the correct input for gear + final drive ratios?

Hi There, sorry to be a bit thick but not sure exactly what question you are asking as i left the setting up to the Dyno operaters. All the graphs show the power runs in the correct gears but as to Final drive i am not sure !
What difference does this make as two separate Dyno’s, of two different makes and two ends of the country were within 2.4 BHP of each other. The car now idles correctly, runs smoother, pulls a lot stronger upto it’s peak power and is nearly 10 mph faster over the same stretch of road in the same conditions as I’m feeling the torque in top gear where as before it was as flat as a pancake !