Lost post ...

Are posts that degenerate being culled now ?

Just interested.

I think they just disappear up their own arse…and unless you have a special up-arse Exige-o-scope then you will not be able to see them

Their removal (I think) is an attempt at a new dawn, let’s try to keep it as nice as possible. That particular thread had just degenerated.


I went through the thread to find out at what point it went pear shaped and was going to delete posts made after that point, in the hope of keeping the useful content in place, but it seemed like after the 3rd post or so that it went awry… Since there really wasn’t much useful in any of it, it was zapped.

I’ve said it before, but Exiges.com is like a friendly pub, if people want a ruck then they should take it outside, people in here are trying to enjoy themselves !

Did you spill my pint

I think you’ve done the right thing, David.

Exiges.com is like a friendly pub

Do we have scratchins?

But Russ’ rant has biten the dust!

Probably for the best - I had had a very small glass of Asda '06 red…

ahh, twas a bad year for the grapes.

Fookin’ good one fer fightin’ though.