Lost and Found

Lost :

1 X yip, been away surprisingly since the nitrons.


None keep it, it’s propably very happy at it’s new home, wouldn’t want to upset it.


5.5 K missfire (it was only a matter of time)

Snuk up out of nowhere on me. so please own up if you have recently lost yours, i would dearly like to relocate it. or perhaps we could herd them all together and send them of to another manufacture.

If the missfire is yours and it is not collected by tomorrow midday i am afraid i am going to have to put the poor thing down before i go to the track tomorrow. Its a tough job but such is the circle.

Yip doesn’t like nitron… its a commonly know fact…

you are a hard man JasonR,…

my guess is he left the 5.5k misfire as a trojan horse… prolly in the vicinity of the rear wheel speed sensor as punishment