Looking for Exige Air filter

Does anyone have the part number for the standard Exige air filter.

Last week I removed one of the airfilter elements pursuant to the instructions provided. When I took the car for a drive immediately afterwards, I noticed that there was a very noticable lag when I was changing gears below 3000 revs. It appears that there are too much air in the cylinder and the ECU did not automatically adjust the fuel misture to compensate for the increased air flow.

Silly me, I have damaged the original air filter so I can’t use it anymore. I have been trying to get a replacement from the lotus dealers here and they tell me that it will take about a month.

Does anyone have a spare laying around that I can buy of them.

Thanks for the help.


That is strange, a damaged (I presume broken) filter should not give you any lag, if anything it will make the engine breathe easier, and for sure below 3000 rpm, the restriction of the filter element is completely transparent to the engine.
You must have done something else (unless you applied paint to it).

By the way, it’s a Pipercross foam cone, and its part number is stamped on the black rubber.


When changing the filter, did you accidentally pull off one of the plastic vacuum pipe connections that runs across the top of the inlet manifold and all around the left side of the engine bay.

I always seem to disconnect one when I take the airfilter out, and it makes the car idle and run like a pig - should be easily spotted if you follow the small bore plastic pipe with your eyes around the engine bay


If you haven’t found one yet, I can ask the guys at my workshop, as they should have a number of them lying around…and they’re in Sydney. Let me know if you want me to chase this up for you.