Locking wheel nuts

Hi all.
Picked up my exige last week after wanting one for 12 months . All is going well so far, taking it nice and steady in the crappy weather at the moment. I cant find the locking wheel nut anywhere in the car have looked in the cargo nets, front bonnet compartment and boot but cant seem to find it. Is it in a tube with a red bung on like the elise or are they stored differently in the exige?.
Many thanks in advance.

I keep mine in the glove box

I had it serviced before I bought it at Frosts Lotus in brighton, as the dealer I bought from wasn’t a lotus dealer so I wanted it checked over, anyway have just rang them to ask where they put it and he said we put it where ever we got it from?. Really helpfull I thought, I doubt they even took the wheels off the car for the service.
What can I do if I cant find it do Lotus keep records of things like this too get a new one?.

Well I think I could do with some Or maybe Threadlock in my wheel nuts LOL!

Anyway, if you can’t find the locking bit buy a new set of them and you’ll need to smash the old ones off. Any decent mech / tyre fitting place should be able to do this. I think even with a decent impact wrench / hammer and chisel you can get them off (their another safety feature that’s worringly easy to over come!)…

I’ll ask my mech when I see him next how to get 'em off with out the lock


Dont know if it helps but on my Elise it was stored under the bonnet next to the Brake resevoir / tyre foam canister. It took me ages to to find it

It was kept in a made to measure holder with a red cap and just sat in a large gromet!

My Exige is different though and the key is kept in the box with the spare nuts

Might be worth a look


Just read your first post again!

You already know about the Elise tube and red bung then… DOH

My news years resolution will be to read posts properly

I don’t know if the Exige S2 has one, but the S1 never had any locking nuts.
Are you sure your nuts are the locking type? Maybe they’re just std like all of ours.

If it’s the S2 I have no idea…

Agree with Uldis - mine doesnt have locking nuts - if you had one it would be in the same place as the Elise - under the bonnet. On mine there is just an empty hole there. I believe they are an option?

Anyway on my Elise I lost the adapter, but it is a rover part, if you have them take the car to a Rover dealer and they should be able to match it up and give you a replacement for @ �5 .


Locking wheelnuts for S1 were an optional extra - although my dealer chucked them in for free, along with carpet mats, when I bought my car new in Jan 01

Agree with Pesky…

I had mine damaged by a dealer and had to have them all smashed off. Complained to the dealer who sent me 16 new wheelnuts…of the non-locking variety! Complained again and got a set the Elise locking nuts! 3rd moan got me the right set. I never fitted them and think they are still boxed in the garage if anyone wants a set…make me an offer.


when I bought my car new in Jan 01


your car is the same age as mine… never realised that…


Mine’s build no: 409, what’s your’s?

Already looked in the front compartment, there is a rubber grommet next to the brake resevoir but nothing sitting in it, no can of tyre foam either, will try Lotus/Rover tommorow otherwise go the DIY approach with the socket set.
It is a S1 I have bought and it has deffo got Locking nuts with a plastic cover over them.
Thanks for all your prompt replies, no doubt I will have many more q’s as time goes on.


I think its 402… but i need to go and look so couldn’t swear to that but i’m pretty sure that’s what it is.

recognise anybody here ::

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Is that Da Edwards diffuser on the 340R ??


The rubber grommet you refer to, is for the towing eye! Is your’s “in situ” in the middle of the front grill, ready for action, then? If not, looks like you need to get a towing eye too.

recognise anybody here ::

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Is that Da Edwards diffuser on the 340R ??

Yeah, that’s Jim Mather- good mate of the Edwards Boyz Unless it’s already gone, he’s selling his Exige S2 too. I believe that Jim is going to build an “expensive” GT40 replica, so he’s rationalising his toy cabinet

No the towing eye is in the passenger coin tray at the moment.

I believe that Jim is going to build an “expensive” GT40 replica, so he’s rationalising his toy cabinet

One that doesn’t have dodgy castings in the suspension then…

Locking wheelnuts for S1 were an optional extra

Ooohh, I see. Always learning.

Thought more along the lines of like racecar-replica than cruiser-type (like the aircon thingie, right?)

There actually is a “quick-way” around the lost-security-bolt-matching-nut.

Drill a 5 mm hole in the car-nut (need a good metal drill and a steady hand). Pull a thread into the hole in the opposite direction (anti-clockwise) for a M6 or M8 nut (mind you I’m Belgian so talk the metric language).

Screw in the bolt and keep on screwing it. When the bolt bottoms out, all your force will be re-directed to the original wheel-nut because it’s supposed to come loose if you pulled your thread in the correct direction.

I’ve learned this trick from a good friend who is a garagist in a Offroad-vehicle centre. they often encounter these issue’s and have found this to be the faster and safest way to remove 'lock-bolts" without the matching nut.

Hope it can help you…