Locked out


My second car is a VW POLO and I have lost all my keys and don’t have the plastic code thing.I know not very clever is there any thing i can do? can a locksmith just me a new one? I am fearing a big bill.

Any help appreciated, thanks

Are you sure you’ve lost them Nath?

Well I only had one key when i bought the car mate! No spare and no plastic code, and i lost my one and only key last night in Newcastle! I know i should have got another one cut, but it was one of those things i kept meaning to do!

You’ll have to break in with some rod then change all the locks. If its a newish Polo you’ll have to get it to a dealership to have the keys programed. Sorry mate but I guess it gona cost you.

I think your best bet is to `phone VW ,have the car details with you and they should be able to get you a new key…ask for 2!

2000 POLO on X-Plate! I thought as much-I am having so many people saying i told you so-for not getting another key cut!

You can get one from the dealer by quoting chassis/reg no, this will fit the locks but will have to be coded in by the dealer, you will be looking at a bill of around �150 and car off road for 2-3 days.

Thats not to bad then Nath, shame it’s not longer this means you’ll have to use the Exige for a few days !!!

I bought a Pug 306 Rallye,again with only one key,when I called the local dealer they would,just with the vin number and reg number get me a new key and alarm bleeper for �60…I didn`t even need to take the car or any id or verification of ownership…WORRYING

thaks for that mate, Do you think that maybe cheeper than getting a lock smith, or can he not so this job. Will call VW first thing tomorrow and also a locksmith to find out the crack! thanks for your help boys

For get the locksmith, with out the computer you can’t program the key. VW’s your best bet.

Thanks for help will ring VW tomorrow. Yes exige may have to get a turning over tomorrow!

Good lad

My and my dad got it to VW on a flat bed trailer! Using the Birds Mint green corsa! Stinks of perfume, has cuddle teddies on the back seat and one of those smelly dolphins hanging from the mirror still better than walking tho

Are you sure that`s better than walking? joke,hope you got it sorted

Take it she’s walking