Loading the Elise to the trailer, question

I am trying to balance the car on the trailer. This used to be easy job with my old trailer (one axle) but what do you do when two axles?


Are you reversing onto the trailer? If not, try that

Hi Rob,
Yes, I reversed it onto the trailer and gone quite a bit. Now there is about 70 cm space from the front end of the car
and about a meter from the rear end of the car.

It seems about right, but I guess I�ll find out tomorrow!

Now that’s a wing !


Wait until you see the proper(really big) one

Wait until you see the proper(really big) one

Bigger than this?


Make sure you get a decent nose weight, ie the weight on the jockey wheel. I think somewhere around 150kg should be good.

If in doubt err on the side of caution and move the load towards the towing vehicle. Too much weight at the opposite end makes off a very unstable tailer that will snake more easily.


150kg ?? - For a Landrover yes but not a “anything” with anything detatchable … 75Kg comes to mind on my Volvo bouncy castle

sorry yes - I am quoting a figure for a Landrover Discovery…can’t think why anyone would want to tow with anything else

After a few trial and error attempts I found out that this is the best way:


Many thanks to everybody.

George - how did it feel with the car driven on? Have you tried it with the car reversed on? It should feel better and will be safer in emergency situations if you reverse it on.

Nah, it’s got to be safer going forwards. Think of the aerodynamics

Yes, of course I�ve tried reversing the car on the trailer, but discovered that this way (forward) is the best. The max nose weight it can have like this is about 80 kg. This will become more as soon as I install the tyre rack (but i guess it doesn’t need more anyway).
It drives like a dream like this; most of the times you don�t even feel that you are towing a trailer!

Steve, what do you mean by �emergency situations�?
Yes, the aerodynamic thing makes a lot of difference.

George - I meant have you tried towing with the car reversed on the trailer and how does it compare to towing with the car the opposite way around?

By emergency situations I meant rapid lane changes at motorway speeds, emergency braking, etc. Things that you would not normally want to test with a fully loaded trailer but if they happened to you, would be better if your trailer was loaded in the optimum manner.


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I see what you mean Steve. Yes, it is much better this way (forward loading).
It was my first time with a two axes trailer, and I didn�t really know how to balance the car on it. In this life, we constantly learn something!


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but you didn’t explain why?

If you put it on backwards, make sure your roof is held on securly!!! lol