I am back from a trip from Le Mans. This was my 4th visit and I have tried to break it down into sections.

LM is more than just a race to spectate. There is always something going on somewhere, its more like a race tacked onto a long weekend.


We went in my friends Jaaaaaaaaag. 2l Diesel and incredibly comfy and economical.

We were accompanied by a mate in a Porsche ( hi Chris ) and The Lanky Fleabag ( not pictured

We saw the big smoke as we skirted it and went over the QE2 bridge.

Upon landing at the carpark of the hotel the night before the crossing stumbled across these

We went on a boat, and saw some cars on the way down. TBH I didnt get many pics of the cars on the way down as they were normally doing interstellar speeds past us

I got fizzy knackers when I saw this sign

After a BBQ ( pictured ) and a few beers a “sleep” or lack of occurred on the camp bed. I ranged from frozen to melting in the sleeping bag.

Next day the delights of the LM showers were photographed for you to behold. In reality they are not bad for a plastic shed in a field.

Water temps ranged from Wim Hoff to Lobster pot. The howls could be heard for miles.

After being burnt or frostbitten we headed over to a particular favourite of mine - the classic British welcome. Not quite sure how this event got its name with it being in France and all but alas - cars. Put me down for the event …

We get to go on a pit walk and this year the entire track was open but I didnt take up the opportunity.

End of Part 1

Part 2 - some berk takes a selfie

Racing prep starts with the Tricolour display team and a French flag dropping from a Puma. As a side geek I love a bit of aviation

Race started at 1600 as normal.

I really enjoy the night race spectacle. The cars seem so more more alive visually and aurally.
I am not good at night pics though!

All the time the racing is on there is something interesting to look at. From the non exotic sports car to the ultra exotics and the painfully cool …

End of Part 2

Eventually part 3 comes along ; Going home.

We got up at 0530 CET ( 0430 BST ) and I nearly cried. Mostly due to the fact I couldnt get a shower but some of it due to the 19hours sleep I had since the Wednesday

The site looked rather pretty in the morning sun

Soon on a Ferry with poisson et frites ( DFDS ferry BTW ) and au revoir pour maintenant France.

1000mi done over 4 days. One more epic adventure

Awesome stuff. Say this every year, but still no idea how I’ve avoided doing this for so long.

Brilliant! Great pics, got a great feel for the atmosphere.
Very jealous. Only been to the Classic and that was 2008

Ill be going again next year …

Its a great experience with the bonus of a 24H race.

Been 3 times, twice for stag doos! Such a great place and event! I gather it’s the 100th anniversary next year!

I want to go next year!

Thanks for the pics

awesome - just back from a 3000 mile road trip in the Exige around Europe… left on thurs 9th, so was in the eagle of Le Mans folk at the tunnel - lots of exotic metal about

Pictures and story please!