Living with my S3 Exige

Good morning everyone.
As promised I am going to try to provide some content on exploits with my Exige.
It will range from Shows,drives to some modifications.
A little bit about me 1st
I am 54 years old. Married with 4 grown up children.
We live in Wiltshire where I also work as a CNC programmer for a small engineering company.
This is my 3rd lotus
S2 Exige
S3 250 cup
S3 350 sport Exige

If there is anything you would like to post or try to please pop a comment up or message me.
Also you can follow me on Instagram
Thanks Paul

Thanks for posting, Paul. Nice set of cars there. Keep in touch :thumbup:

Out of curiosity which is your favourite exige Paul? And why?

( I feel like a contestant on blind date here ! )

I feel the Elise Cup 250 would be great, basically a new S2 Exige. The 2zz engine would be missed I think and I would want to take all the barge boards and stuff off. Then you look at a v6 and think that should be on another level.

I have to say it’s the V6. Purely down to the power delivery & the driving Dynamics of the S3.

Lovely cars you have there Paul.

When I finally manage to get back in country I plan to test drive the S3, hoping it like it! Could see one sitting in the garage quite nicely.

Any gripes with it, or things which needed addressing just out of interest?

Hi Jimmy
No problems with the Exige it has been faultless so far.
I will definitely recommend any lotus they get under your skin :joy::+1:
Thanks Paul


I’ve literally heard nothing but good things about the S3 in terms of reliability, obviously the querky build standards are similar. I’ve previously owned S1 exige, although that was rather shortlived unfortunately, bloody loved that car! :frowning:

These pictures were taken in November 2019
I am trying to get the thread up to date.
The Exige was collected from Lotus Silverstone.
I can’t recommend them enough for all things lotus.

The 1st trip was to Tom at TK Detailing for front end PPF & a full ceramic coating.

Making it mine
The 1st modifications to the Exige have now been done.
New inspection panel,rear bumper aero
Blade’s, engine cover’s & Graphics.

A huge thank you to Lotus Silverstone & VK Graphics.

Good job :thumbup:

Would be good to see the car before and after, a bit like spot the difference.

Really liked the new inspection cover :+1:

Out for a little drive

That car really does look great in the orange …

Thanks Andy :+1::+1:

Loving the new additions to the car Paul.

I finally managed to get a test drive in a burnt orange 410 prior to the lock down, I must say the orange looks fantastic in person, gives it such striking appearance. Big shout out to connor at Central lotus for sorting the test drive out for me.

Had it for an hour-ish, was a brand new car so didn’t fancy putting a load of miles on it - totally surprised he brought a new car over.

It safe to say I was pretty blown away with it, usability is up there, it takes bumps far better than the mrs’ Corsa! It can be tame and quite civil when required, and as I do have a euro trip planned with the mrs this will save me ear ache im sure.

2 days later I put the deposit down one, expected delivery is March if all goes to plan!

Chopped the 350 in for this 410 Exige.

Not had any opportunity to drive it much as I picked it up from B&C & then dropped it of for ceramic coating :+1:

Core! Mister that looks brilliant!


What is this (circled) on some of the pictures?