Living with an Exige S ?

Seriously considering changing my S2 111S for an exige and test drove a normally aspirated version and an S courtesy of Christopher Neil. My question is does anyone here use an Exige S as an everyday car and if so how do they get on noise wise. Im not averse to a noisy car indeed did 65000 miles in an S1 Elise with a sports exhaust but thats a different sound to a supercharger behind your head.

I think you may have posted this in the wrong place. This is S1 Specific topics… for propper Exiges.

My Exige S is my only car. Used daily for commuting, shopping, and everything else. I don’t find noise a problem unless you really gun it which I don’t tend to do on the road anyway except for the odd overtaking manoeuvre. I actually find it an better everyday car than my previous VXs and VXR. hth