Lipscomb Exige S1

Anyone enquired about this car or anyone know the history?
S1 Exige

Looks nice but in potential rebuild terratory.

It was on my shortlist - best to avoid then, or make a silly offer in view of it’s history ?

Am I missing something?

It doesnt say anything in the ad about its history or do you know something Lipscomb arent telling us?

Sorry for any misunderstanding guys.
I’m asking if anyone knows it’s background (I don’t know).
Not many Exiges in the UK so perhaps thought a member on here owned it or knew it.


How many miles does it have ?

30k…was looking at it last night.
nice looking car

Yes a nice looking car…

I bought my Exige S1 from a main dealer too… 35K but with a ‘new’ 6K ish engine. For me it was all about the condition of the car overall and I have been very pleased with things to date!

The difference between Exige and Elise is just huge and I LOVE driving this machine… it is sensorary overload at times!!! (great Cotswold roads too!!!)

Plus you do get the backup of the dealer support if things do go a bit wrong…!!!

Once the bug is there!!!

Good luck,


30k…was looking at it last night.
nice looking car

A 177 without sports seats and 30,000 miles and its 20 grand???

At least its got polished winders!!!

Still looks nice though.

think its a 190 is it not?

its 20k cos its from a dealer and the give a warrenty…you knwo what its like!

Hi there

I was at Lipscomb and saw the car (coming from Holland so was seriously interested)
It was resprayed in such a bad way, i could have done it myself using a vacuumcleaner!
So be prepaired for a new repray, as loads of dust, orange peel and liners are visible all over the car
The comment of the salesman on our disappointment was: Yeah i didn’t see it, because I’m no expert (what an *rse) he’s a representative of a respected Lotus Dealer
Well we weren’t experts either but you’re warned now, when you are going to take a look
They also state the car is rebuilt, but it isn’t a proper rebuilt they haven’t changed for instance all liners and pistons, the fact was, the engine had some clonking noise 2 yrs ago and has been to a TVR/Lotus specialist twice to sort it out, but although many components were changed it wasn’t a thorough rebuilt

So 20k is way to much for a car in that condition

I was lucky to buy a S1 private and paid 15k with very good paint quality (although a rebuilt is needed in the future), so keep an eye on pistonheads.

good luck,