Liner Stand Proud - How to alter?

Afternoon all,
I’m just starting a bottom end rebuild, just tried the new liners. Cylinder 1 has stand proud of 8 thou-ish all round, Cyl 4 has pretty much zero stand proud, and 2 and three have figues between the two. I was surprised to find it appears to be a linear drop, as if the top of the block is just off parallel with the shoulders the liners sit on. Is this usually what’s found?

I swapped liners around and kept getting the same results (very similar anyway).

Question is…How do I go about reducing the block?
I’m not sure my local engineers are up to the job, I Reckon it’d be allright if I just wanted it all skimming, but asking them to take a few thou off one end and not the other might baffle them.

Thanks in advance


Thanks Simon,

I thought I�d cleaned up the shoulders in the block, but after spending a bit longer scraping, I�ve found that the shoulders and top of the block do seem to be all true, now with the new liners in there�s variation between 0 and 1 thou stand proud on each cylinder, so a straight 5 thou skim of the block should do the trick.