Lightweight Forged Wheels - 14 Spoke

Does anyone have any info and/or pictures of the 14 spoke forged wheels available for the S2? Prices? Weight advantage over stock items? etc. etc.



Apparently, according to the Lotus Salesman, they are the lightest production wheel ‘in the world’ !!!

Look good on the car, are standard fit on the ‘Cup’ cars.

Got them on mine

Think I remember seeing them as an option at �1250 this could well be taking into account swapping of the standard wheels. That said I think standard wheels are like gold dust lots of 111r owners would love a set. Might get a fair bit of cash for them.
If I were going to buy some new wheels I would go for the 240R wheels (if you can convince Lotus Motorsport to sell you some) with their slightly wider fronts, perfect for accommodating slicks

Any pics please Barman?? And do you know the weight of the rims against stock?

240r wheels are ok…I must say I prefer the design of a thin multispoke wheel and have always theorized that they would be better at pulling the heat away that is generated at the bell and rotors than a larger 5/6 spoke, flat sided rim like the 240’s.

If the Cup car runs the forged wheels then surely there is already a slick to fit them or do they run on the 48’s as control tyres?

This came from the Lotus rules for entry into the Cup Races.
� Tyres: Cars will not be permitted for entry if using slick tyres.

Only the 240R wheels are wider for slicks.

I bought a 111R with a set of the standard Exige wheels for about �1700. The lightweight alloys were about �2500. I think the price you get quoted with an Exige is for the upgrade only, & not for a second set of wheels. Prices include the A048’s by the way.



I’d love these alternative road wheels

I dont like the lightweight wheels.

I prefer the standard black ones (it also means you dont have to keep cleaning the bloody things all the time!)

I’m not that fussed by them but if you like them go for it.

The Alternative Road Wheels are the lightweight drop forged alloys

If I was made of money and could afford alloys twice the price of my second car I’d have them for winter tyres.