Lights and more light issues...


Some questions on interior lights:

  1. My Exige handbook states I have an interior lamp for night time / when the door opens etc. Where is it? I can’t locate it!!

  2. Does the area around the fan speed dials / cold/hot temp setting illuminate when the lights are on. Mine is totally dark in that area which is a bit frustrating!

Ciao - Carttman

The interior light is on the aluminium shelf that runs across above your knees, towards the centre of the car, up above the cigarette lighter socket… It has a standard three way switch… It is b@gg@r all use when map reading and driving though !!

There is no lighting around the heater controls - you need to memorise them in some way

Strange but true - there are two yello LED’s above the heater controls on my aircon version ( I assume they are there to throw light on to the controls … ) - but I know they do not light up …

They did not come stock.
You bought yours secondhand? or is it an S2?

I think there’s some vain effort to light my knobs up too.

My interior light stops working sometimes, try a twiddle with the black door sensors.



Nope - they are stock on the A/C cars - and they do light up - just not a lot and they are shrouded by the surround for the switches.

So … Master plan

  • A/C switch is moved up to the main switch panel next to the hazards and fog lamp switch to replace the spare

  • Big hole is cut in panel where A/c switch was to fit 52mm oil pressure/temp gauge - at last somewhere to fit it and keep the radio …

  • tin foil stuck to surround to reflect light from LED’s better

  • Switch for guage in column surround next to existing reset

Yeah - that will work


where will you put the sender ??


where will you put the sender ??

Temp sender is in modified sump plug and pressure sender will be ala De Edwards installation - which means an extension from the existing pressure switch with -3 braided hose to a “T” piece where both pressure sensors go.

cheers ANdy

I mounted an oil temp gauge on top of the gearlever surround instead of the cigarette lighter in a pod.Looks neat and there is a ready made power source with lighting at night.Sender is in the sump-plug.