Lifting Exige on scissor lift

Got one of these and wondered if I can use it on an Exige with suitable support at lifitng points?


… code for you now have one! :wink:

How long are the arms the car sits on?

Arms are adjustable and will easily reach front and rear jacking points.

However reaching the rear ones under the shear plate (if I remember correctly) could be diifficult.

On the Crossle racer jacking points were at front wishbone pick up points and bellhousing/gearbox but it was essential to keep the rollover bar fully connected to stop chassis bending!!! :astonished:

Not quite but HOT …watch this space as they say

I was more wondering if they were too long to go between the wheels. I don’t think you’d want them further under the car than the wheels if they obstructed.