I am considering putting the cat back on my car as i am getting remarks on how bad the smell is and to be honest i gotta agree.Can anyone suggest where, other than main dealers i can get this put on and what i should expect to pay.The performance isnt an issue to me really as i dont track it i just enjoy the beauty and ownership of my car.You have exceeded youreselves with helping me before so again any info very much appreciated

You can do it yourself quite easily, new gaskets, plenty of WD40 on the nuts (unless they are stainless steel then they should just undo) take it out and put the cat back in.

If you still have the CAT, take off the undertrays and pop down to your local exhaust fitter they should do it without getting your hands to dirty.

Have to agree it does stink a far bit, thats why i put my sports cat back on

Do be warned that if it’s driven hard Cats have disintergrated when left in place. That could be even worse news at an MOT, having to buy/borrow another one!

It also gets VERY hot and in the early days caused a few 340Rs to go up in smoke!


sorry i dont understand i dont have a cat as when i bought the car it had been removed and previous owner no longer had it .I wouldnt say i drive it that hard either you mention a sports cat can you tell me more
thanks rich

Rich, my point was that if you’re fitting a Cat so you don’t have to worry at each MOT, you could possible damage the Cat over the year. Then you just have lower performance and an expensive part to replace.

You can get Sports Cats that shouldn’t effect the performance as much but I don’t know if they are effected by hard driving as much. I think the amount of excess petrol the Exige can kick out (all the pops and bangs) is no good for Cats.