Let the Forum Decide....

OK guys - you can inter-actively help me decide. I am conducting a poll. the choice is:

Red car -standard, 1800 miles, perfect condition.

Cobalt Blue TT260 - 3,800 miles, perfect but modded.

I will buy the one you think i should (unless anyone has a black,nautilus or silver LOW miles car for sale and wants to bid me).

over to you…

Ken,I NEED to sell my nautilus blue car if you’re interested

Ken, to get a proper perspective on this, we need to know how you intend to use the car

However, as a first “stab”, I’d go for the red one - they do look good in the flesh IMHO, especially if the front splitter & sills are painted black.


PS I do hope that Mr Hardy dosn’t mind his excellent picture being used here.


TT, whatever colour & mileage.

Blime ken, that’s a tough one!

Can you help a little, what’ve you owner before? Gonna use it mainly on track?


TT as long as you don’t mind it being off the road from time to time…

The driving experience will be amazing, but the reliability will be the flipside…

Have you a trailer??

it will be purely a track car - i have a sport 350 for the road :slight_smile:


TT then, especially if you’re going to trailer it. You can have more fun ‘unsticking’ the tyres with the throttle, which is much harder work in a std one.

You may want to do something to the brakes though.

BTW, what does the TT rev to? I heard it was lower.


As it’s mainly a track car, go for the TT260.

The car still has the same redline, but you’d be daft winding it round to there, because you’re out of the thick end of the torque curve, I found changing it between 6500 and 7000 yielded the best results.

Given its purely a track car… then the TT260 prolly, but if it was me… i’d take the Red car, it sounds like a particualrly mint example and red looks pretty good in th eflesh… much better than Pesky’s pic above.

BTW where is the Red car at the moment?