Less noise please

As many of you will know, i bought my V6 to develop parts as well as attending track days.

I have been black flagged at Brands with the standard pig snout exhaust and also ‘had a chat’ with the noise man at croft

With this in mind i have been looking for a silencer to help me, sadly they all appear to be about the same sound levels and not what i would call inexpensive.

So i decided to do my own thing, here is the first prototype, I have yet to have a noise test done and find out how much it weighs

If my ears are working correctly its is very much quieter than either the pig snout or lotus sport exhausts. If it passes all the tests the production version should retail at less than £700 plus vat.

It doesn’t have a valve. The tail pipes can be unbolted so different tail pipes could be an option for those who are interested.

Will post up more pictures once i have the exhaust of, at the same time will get it onto the scales

Top job Dave :thumbup:

Great Dave :clap:
Now when are you going to stock the 380 pulley wheel, ecu and uprated fuel pump to go with it :sunglasses: :laughing:

Not wasting time or money on a small power increase like that! Also the pulley is an interference fit and pressed on. It’s not a simple swap job.
Simply sports cars TVS is the way forward

Not an easy fit like on the S2 then :frowning:
Yes SSC when the warranty runs out, I already have the SSC induction kit which I had fitted onto my LF1 . But I have not fitted it to the 350 yet.

Looks a great job, Dave

:mrgreen: When is this going to be available please I’ll have to have one in order to avoid further issues with the noise police :clap:

Not long now…
Went to Blyton today for some noise tests.
Loudest drive by was 89.2 dbs
Im very happy with that I have to say!!!

Well done Dave.

That shows that size does not matter. I thought “you will be lucky” when you posted the pictures. Wrong.