Led rear lights!!!!

A few of the led’s are gone already to add to the long list of breakdowns and problems I have had with my 3 week old Exige S. Can they be replaced under warranty or are lights an exclusion?

Yes they can! I have an '04 which had the LED upgrade. Both stop lights failed with a few LEDs going within a couple of weeks. Both replaced under warranty. Now the right has gone (3 pairs of LEDs). Again his is being replaced under warranty but lights are on back order with Lotus.

Lotus are looking at the problem apparently. So at least you’re not alone.

Yup, you’re not alone as my ‘upgrade’ LED’s failed within days of being fitted & replacements are on back order

Strangely it was not an MOT failure as a good few of the LED’s still work.

I had some of mine fail, I presume they are the outer units? If its the inner then the us ones will fit.

Have those of you with failed lights got the resistors installed? I haven’t, they are being supplied by the dealer to try but according to them not necessary to stop the lights failing.

My first ones lasted about 200 miles, this last one about the same. Left brake light is still going fine!

just tested mine - okay after 7500 miles which is a relief, altho nearly disconnected my shoulder with the acrobatics necessary to test by myself!!!

oh and GMan dont be disheartened by all the problems… all part of the Lotus thang… the good news is that nearly all of them will be relatively minor and the even better news is that all of them (if you push hard enough) are covered by warranty