LED Rear Lights

Does anyone know if you can buy the LED lights from the new 2006 car to fit the 2005 S2 Exige ??


Yes look at this:-

Bloody hell, you could do 2 or 3 days for that, & use the car properly

I do like them, but nowhere near that much. Seems very expensive for what they are but someone else has posted:

"you want to see the price of a standard S2 rear light…dont think they are much cheaper either ! "

For those that don’t visit SELOC, Sinclaire’s have posted:

"Due to a bulk buy, we are currently able to do a special on these kits for �439 inc vat " but that was on 14th December. The price includes fitting.

As for the safety advantage of the LED lights…there’s really nothing in it, as cars with the central high brake light are the LED type IYSWIM


Agreed, 0.whateveritis will make no difference when some old duffer rear ends you.

Thanks for the info.

I have started saving and anticipate getting a second hand S2 Exige around July. I just really like the lights on the 2006 model and would probably go for the change.

Lotus is bringing out a LED kit with teh harness etc should be out next month