LED Rear Lights

just discovered that I only have 2 LED’s still working on both sides of the car - bugger

Checked the manual and it says it should be left to the dealer to replace ?

Anyone know of a DIY solution and if so where to get them from ?

Got Donny in 2 days and as cool as it looks not braking into corners I don’t want some arse following me in too fast and collecting me



Basically they should be replaced under warranty. Lotus have admitted there is a problem with all LED lights marked as part no. Axxxxxxxx the “A” is the important bit.

They have a revised version which is part no. Bxxxxxxxx. This is the reliable version which does not require the jump harnesses to suppress radio interference.

Most dealers don;t seem to know any of this but tell them to call Lotus tech. and they will confirm.

The big problem is the supply of the “B” part which I think is still pretty limited.

If all else fails there are some on eBay at the moment.

Is your car not still covered under warranty?

Tony beat me to it!

Good question - I think it is.

Bought it June 07. Looked in the manual and cannot find timescales


if you bought it new then its 2 years

It was pre registered by JCT 600 on 22/05/07 and I purchased it on 22/06/07

I gather the warranty is transfered on so I should be OK ?

I’ll get it booked in next week - only issue is availablity of replacement parts - after searcing the forums all morning is there still a shortage of the type B replacements ?

Anybody had recent experience ?

Thanks for all the posts - didn’t fancy a few hundred quid for some bulbs !!!

Hopefully they don’t conclude that you’re warranty hasn’t expired due to the mods added…

The GT came with a 2 year warranty,but if you opted for the performace packeag warranty was limited to 1 year.

On the otherhand it’s a well known problem with the S2. Together will the failing speedoand fogging up of the headlights.

Hi Nico

Originally my car was minus the GT pack which I have subsequently had retro fitted by Lotus

I believe the 12month bit refers to the GT pack parts not the whole car - could be wrong.

Will find out 2morrow when I phone my local dealer

Hopefully be OK

…and there was me looking to change my std. '04 rear lights to the LED’s, - even though they look so much cooler, might think again!!

Unless you are changing them for “B”'s don;t even think about it. Some guy on eBay has a set which I verified as B’s at the moment. I suspect they won’t be overly cheap though by the time bidding finishes.