leather clad cetre console..........

Can anyone spill the beans on how much this is to have done, or buy? Also where?


Speak to Mel Broome ([email protected]) at the factory. Yo need a retrim10 (b) and it costs �100.12 inc vat.

Unfortunately you need to hand your existing centre console over to the parts dept at your local dealership and get them to ship it! Doh. Buts its the best mod I’ve done so far as the extra padding helps damp down the clonkiness of the gearshift. It takes about 4-6 weeks to come back (well mine did anyway) so it would be prudent to check with MB about lead times.

Dont get too carried away though. They can retrim anything in the car…

Cheers Badnis, you seem to be the fountain of information on here!

No worries, I’m just into bling this week